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IT Consulting since 1994
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Property Management Software

Since 1994, All-PC Applications has been designing and implementing a variety of Property Management applications.

Our applications are:

  • Site Resident:  Enabling you have complete control over your data.  You are never dependent on a management company or the internet.
  • Highly Customizable:  Early on All-PC understood that no two Properties are managed the same way.  We customize your software to conform to the way YOUR PROPERTY is managed. These are not just cosmetic adjustments.
CPMS, our flagship product, tracks all data pertinent to managing a Community Property, including Unit Information, Owners, Residents, Workorders, Parking, Storage, Assessments and even generates Pool Ids and more.....
CEMSS is used for scheduling maintenance of Capital Equipment, such as Air Handlers, Chillers, Pumps, Fans etc.... It generates Work Orders and tracks completion of maintenance tasks, and the cost of Manpower and Equipment maintenance.
Used with CPMS, this application enables the scheduling of Property Amenities such as The Party Room, Elevators (for move-ins and move-outs), The Pool, Guest Suites etc....
Used with CPMS, this application, takes into consideration, Unit Shares or Square Footage to calculate the relative "weight" of Owners voting on a variety of issues such as Board Elections etc....