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All-PC Applications a variety of options for backing up your data valuable data.

  • Simple on site backup.  A low cost storage device could be linked to your Computer or Network and a Data Backup program would run automatically every 24 hours, and make copies of your data.  In the event of a catastrophic even, only data created or modified in the last 24 hours would be lost.  (This may still be recoverable using Data Recovery Services also offered by us.) 

  • On-Line or "Cloud" Backup.  We partner with various providers of On-Line or "Cloud" backup services providers.  Here, your data would be stored on the Internet, thus providing protection from a catastrophic event, such as a fire,  flood, or even theft of your equipment.

Whether you are using a network or a single computer, at home or for your business, Data Backup is as essential to as locking up your valuable documents in a safe!
Data Backup Services